1. We know that we can do little things unless we are able to hire new, younger, better talents to our company.

2. We would like to bring more jobs which are mostly based on service business based on internet.

3. We are looking for which is three billion United State Dolars to begin it.

4. Our beginning will be buying assets in Turkey and United states, such as lands, buildings. %20 of the budget. (This will be as future option for securing tangible assets and company value.

5. Second will be looking for division heads. Each project will be hold by responsible which is able to follow mission and vision.

6. We let them free to set their team, but will them be responsible for their all actions, including loss and profit with a limited budget. For each project we gonna open 20.000.000usd for 20 different projects.

7. For legal work, education, accounting we will be working with 5 different companies which all will be responsible for auditing and following official duties.

8. Every 3 month we will be having a lunch and morning meeting with the capital investors. Morning meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the hotel we already stayed together in the night before meeting. At 12:00 will be having lunch all together. Next day and prior day of the meeting Mr. Kagan OMAY and investor would be and will be having lunch about general situation. This organization will be done 4 times in a year for the first year. 

9. Mission is to bring youngs, ready for future jobs, digital services, as much as getting united with the world population after each project is bringin success within its territory by applying it with the neighbour countries.

10. Our IBAN Number and contact is TR73 0006 2000 3030 0009 0988 20  Mr. Kagan OMAY 

In case of further questions feel free to contact +90 532 400 88 88